businessman jumping over a hurdleBeen there, done that. The Sunday night pep talk that goes something like this…”man, that’s it, I’m getting started right tomorrow. Ate too much, drank too much, gotta get it going.”

It’s okay. Don’t feel bad. It’s a very common story that happens all the time. So let’s find ways to really trigger health and fitness in the workplace to get a good start on the week and stop being guilty!

Here are 5 simple, science backed ways* wellbeing programs in the workplace can help your employees build healthy habits.

  1. Find a match – There is that perfect match of a wellness activity that fits each employee. Mary, the ultra-marathoner, isn’t interested in walking anymore, but is looking to sleep better. And research shows that when people make a positive change in one area of their wellbeing it impacts the other areas. Be sure to take time and learn what the employee’s needs and desires are for workplace wellness.
  2. Keep it simple – So many issues can prevent someone to change behavior, but in many cases the flaws lie within the approach. Monday is always the easy excuse for change, but how about creating easy “wins” that are simple in approach and easy to maintain. Instead of that big diet change you’ve been talking about, try starting small and incorporating an extra serving of fruits and veggies into the day. Start small, celebrate the win, and build on this for the next workplace wellness idea.
  3. Daily Triggers – Workplace wellness companies have continued utilizing technology to get people up and moving! Fitbit’s wearable devices can now be set to send you a notification that you’ve been sitting for too long. This trigger has actually led to workplace programs having a dedicated “walking lunch” that encourages employees to take a portion of their lunch and walk around the building, parking lot or anything that gets them up and moving. Easy habit to get into and can even increase employee morale!
  4. Every win matters – Your employees are working hard! What might seem like an easy task could be quite daunting for others. Even the smallest wins deserve recognition. Your workplace wellness ideas also need to be noticed. Virtual high fives all around! And when they do lose that 10 pounds or run their first 5K – make a big deal out of it, just as much as you did for the small achievements. The more successful your people feel the more motivated they’ll be to keep up their new habits.
  5. Revise the approach – We all fall off the wagon. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Keep your wellness activities for the workplace on track and motivate those who need to hop back into the routine. What worked one week, might not work the next. The idea is to create a culture of wellbeing that offers employees little wiggle room when things get go as planned. Make these habits easy to revise and get back into the game.

*Adapted from Virgin Pulse and based on research by BJ Fogg, Ph.D, behavior change expert and director of Persuasive Lab Tech at Stanford University.