Sustainable change can never come from non sustainable behaviors like counting calories or tracking meals. The problem with tracking systems is they have no power to help when you are off track, which for most people is most of their lives.

VEEP is a totally disruptive rethink of nutrition and weight control.

Instead of trying to create permanent change from temporary behaviors like dieting, counting or tracking, VEEP is something entirely new and different.

With VEEP you learn how to use food to work with the bodies natural 24 hour cycle of storing fat and burning fat. VEEP is based on the latest science. Over 4,000 recent studies were inventoried to create the program.

In 10 years, you will not be tracking meals, but in 10 minutes with VEEP, you will learn things you will be using 10 years from now to achieve optimal health at your optimal weight.

  • The first way VEEP works is you visually learn each unique food. Its like learning an alphabet. It works immediately. With VEEP, you can immediately begin to cross foods from your food tracker list.
  • The next way VEEP works is you learn sequences of meals, timing and food combinations for functional effects like offsetting weight gain from alcohol.
  • The next way VEEP works is via VEEP University. With VEEP University you learn powerful techniques for offsetting weight gain in real life situations

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