Whether you are just getting started or already have a wellness plan in place, participation is key to making your wellness plan a success. Sometimes engaging employees and getting them motivated to be healthy can be an overwhelming and difficult task. Behavior change doesn’t happen overnight, but there are specific, proven ways of engaging employees and getting them on the right track to wellness.

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At WeAreWellness, we have developed a wellness plan engagement engine that provides you an extremely affordable way to reinforce and promote all of your wellness plan initiatives through various communication methods. These communications are tracked to provide insight on what types of communication each of your employees favor. The elements included in the Thrive engagement engine are: full multi-channel engagement tracking, one-on-one communication meetings, print and direct mail services, landing pages and micro sites, texting and email.

Every employee is different and you need a myriad of communication and promotional tools to get your messages across. Thrive takes care of it all, making it easy for you to increase participation and the level of activity within your wellness plan!

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