Jumping into 2018 Wellness Trends

jumping-into-2018Get healthier in the new year – one of the oldest new year’s resolutions in the book! It is so much easier said than done, but with the right tools and knowledge of wellness trends for 2018 and beyond, we can help you get healthy and stay healthy in no time. Technology continues to impress and has been an underlying factor leading the way for corporate wellness trends in the new year.

1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine continued to be used at a high rate and its use is expected to continue to climb through 2018 and beyond. Consumers can get access to a doctor at their fingertips by logging into a mobile device, tablet, or computer. The simple and easy communication allows for reduced wait times, from half hour to an hour at a doctor’s office to just minutes. Telemedicine doctors can prescribe medication for most common ailments, and employees can get better as quickly as possible.

2. Wellness as a Benefit

Corporate wellness programs can improve employee morale and create a culture where employees are feeling better! Health promotion and fitness apps along with other technologies can contribute to the overall employee experience. Using wellness as a recruiting tool can be valuable when attracting top talent.

3. Incentive-Based Activities

It’s no secret that the key to a successful corporate wellness program is engagement. What better way to create engagement than to provide incentives for healthy activities? Corporate wellness programs are integrating incentives and gamification to step up engagement in the workforce. Encouraging these healthy behaviors through rewards and incentives can be done on many levels. Some of the simplest examples are providing gift cards (pick something healthy like Whole Foods) to the employee with the most steps in the month, or allowing points gained from a number of activities to be cashed in.

4. Biometric Screenings

With more corporate wellness tools and incentive programs promoting employee health and wellbeing in the workplace, biometric screenings will become a must have. These preventive screenings allow individuals to get much needed information regarding their health. If employees find their numbers are abnormal – they can begin to take the necessary steps towards proper health.


If you’re looking to jump into wellness in 2018, WeAreWellness has got you covered. From wellness programs to biometric screenings and resource materials – we are your corporate wellness broker!