WEBINAR: Digitally Engage & Empower Your Employees in Their Health & Wellbeing

Ready to kick of the new year right with health and wellness? Our partners at Dacadoo will be providing a free webinar of their digital and fully mobile platform to help you and your employees to live a healthy and active lifestyle!

Business people practicing yoga in park

Did you know?

  • An analysis of over 67,000 dacadoo users in 2014 showed that on average, 80% of users improved their “healthy years” by +2.5 years, and also reduced several modifiable health risk factors considerably.
  • 1 USD invested in corporate wellness programs can result in an ROI of 3-6 USD. Top reasons are:
    • Lower Health Care cost
    • Lower abseentism
    • Lower presenteeism (sick at work)
    • Higher productivity
    • Lower job rotation
    • Higher morale

In this webinar you'll learn

  • How to empower employees in their health and wellbeing through active engagement and artificial intelligence.
  • How to incorporate behavioral science and gamification with social and collaborative features to promote healthy behaviors.
  • How to measure and benchmark holistic health for both individuals and at the group level.

Date and Time

Thursday January 25, 2018 at 2:00 PM (EST)

Who should attend?

Human Resources professionals, benefits specialists, CEO’s, CFO’s, wellness specialists, and anyone interested in learning more about wellbeing in the workplace.

Dacadoo’s unique platform is one of the only pay for what you use platforms! Whereas most corporate wellness platforms will charge you for the total number of employees – no matter how many people are using the platform – Dacadoo only charges you for what is used!

Ready to see what corporate wellness with WeAreWellness and Dacadoo is all about? Register below: