Wellness Challenges for the Holiday Season

holiday-wellnessWhile the holiday season brings happiness and joy, we often fall out of our regular routines and tend to give into the holiday temptations. These temptations include eating, drinking, and laying around the cozy fireplace… so what can we do to offset some of these not so healthy activities? A few quick wellness challenges for the holiday season can help us stay active into the New Year!

Wellness Tips for the Holidays:

Stay Fit

  • Walk the mall – You need to shop for all those holiday gifts anyway, go to your local mall and go for a stroll.
  • Ditch the elevator – Take the stairs whenever possible. Walking a flight or two of stairs twice a day can help you get some needed steps in.
  • Stand up and move – Get up from your desk and move around a little once every hour.

Eat Right

Holiday parties can be tempting, but there are a few healthy tips that can help you live well:

  • Avoid leaving the house on an empty stomach – this will help you avoid overeating.
  • Chew gum while preparing food to avoid snacking on the goods.
  • Consume mixed drinks with diet soda, club soda, or tonic when possible.
  • Limit your drinking as alcohol can increase your hunger.

Work on Wellbeing

  • Eat lunch away from your desk or worksite – this allows you to fully mentally take a break from work and relax while you eat.
  • Stop and enjoy the view – find a window or take a step outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and view the holiday season has to offer.
  • Just breathe – Take a couple times out of your day to practice deep breathing and relax.