Mental Health Awareness Month


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mental health disorders affect nearly a quarter of all adults. These mental health disorders can include depression, anxiety, stress, and other psychological disorders. With May marking Mental Health Awareness month, it is important to take a look at some of the signs employees with mental health could potentially be displaying and some things you can do as an employer to offer help and relief.

Some symptoms to look out for include:

  • Reduced focus
  • Low productivity
  • Reduced cognitive abilities
  • Poor physical wellbeing

Poor employee mental health costs the US economy nearly $226 billion each year in lost revenue. As an employer, we not only want to improve the bottom line, but want to ensure the wellbeing and morale of our employees is optimal. So, what are some things employers can do to help with mental health?

  • Organize a walk/run for mental health awareness
  • Host a mental health screening or other educational event
  • Develop an employee assistance program (EAP) – Offer counseling and referral services for mental health and other issues customized on the needs of your employees
  • Encourage physical activity engagement – exercise can help decrease some symptoms. Consider a company sports team, walking meetings, or offering gym memberships
  • Conduct surveys and ask about work stressors. The findings may help you implement further training or workplace changes to support your employees.

More mental health awareness stats, according to statistics reported by the Huffington Post:

  • 300 million people suffer from depression globally
  • 56% of people diagnosed with a mental health issue doesn’t receive treatment
  • 25% of people living with a mental health issue feel shamed or judged because of it

Educate your employees about mental health awareness and take the proper steps to help any employees with symptoms – they don’t have to suffer alone!