Low-Cost Workplace Wellness Ideas You Can Start Today

cutting board with tape measure on top

Whether you are looking to implement a comprehensive workplace wellness program or simply want to introduce the idea of wellness to your employees, there are a few easy things you can do to get started. With more and more companies looking at wellness to increase employee morale while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs, it makes more sense now than ever to get started with wellness initiatives, even at a base level. Those skeptical of dishing out big bucks before experiencing any return on investment can begin by implementing these ideas to experience how effective wellness can really be:


  • Hang up posters in the breakroom with healthy eating tips and reminders. You can also send out emails and flyers.
  • Offer healthier food options in your vending machines. If you provide food for meetings, ditch those donuts and go with a healthier option (same for catered events!)
  • Provide cookbooks and/or cooking classes for employees
  • Provide food models or scales and pictures about proper portion sizes to help employees with portion control
  • Implement a water challenge to get everybody drinking the recommended amount to stay hydrated and feeling better

Physical Activity

  • Encourage and support participation in after-work recreational leagues
  • Provide incentives or reduced insurance costs for those who participate in physical activity challenges or activities
  • Implement a step challenge that encourages employees in healthy competition to see who can get the most steps in a given day, week, or month
  • Allow your employees to take a quick walk around the building every other hour or after lunch time
  • Post motivational signs around the elevators to encourage stair usage
  • Provide flexible work hours – some employees may prefer to exercise in the morning with later work hours or vice versa

Smoking Cessation

  • Establish a company policy prohibiting tobacco use on company property
  • Hang posters enforcing the tobacco-free policy along with smoking risk factors
  • Offer a health plan that covers a variety of tobacco cessation medications
  • Provide tobacco cessation counseling through a telephone counseling program

These ideas can be implemented at a low-cost. The key is to keep employees engaged and using your wellness initiatives so you can begin to see the value of wellness in the workplace. If you need help implementing any of these ideas, or would like to get started on a fully comprehensive workplace wellness program, we are here to help!