The Link Between Wellbeing and Engagement


Corporate wellness has come a long way and more and more employers are beginning to realize the connection between employee wellbeing and engagement. For a wellness program to be truly successful, we must first understand the needs of our employees. Different employees respond differently to various initiatives and employee wellness incentives can help keep your workforce motivated and healthy. So, how strong exactly is the link between wellbeing and engagement?

Employee Wellbeing and Engagement

In a survey conducted by Limeade and Quantum Workplace, they found:

Employees who feel they have higher well-being were

  • 88% more likely to feel engaged at work
  • 83% more likely to enjoy their work
  • 84% more likely to remain loyal to their teams
  • 84% more likely to recommend as a great place to work

So how can employers encourage engagement across wellness initiatives?

  1. Manager Support
  2. Wellbeing tools and resources
  3. Leader Support

This type of organizational support/engagement proved to be correlated with higher levels of well-being with:

  • 72% of employees with high well-being reported high organizational support
  • 21% reported medium organizational support
  • 7% reported low organizational report

Survey Says…

Simply having a wellness program is not enough! Only 7% of employees with low organizational support reported a high-level of wellbeing. WeAreWellness is proud to partner with top vendors to provide high level engagement and corporate wellness programs. Contact us to get started today!

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