Corporate Wellness 2017 – What’s Trending?

Person adjusting smartwatch

Employee wellbeing made its mark in 2016, with companies continuing to build upon and expand their corporate wellness offerings. Last year showed us that wellness in the workplace is more than just a fad, and wellness programs are continuing to rise. We’ve found that the best wellness programs are all encompassing and don’t only provide wellness initiatives, but encourage employees to engage. So, what new trends can we expect to see pushing through the year in 2017?

Catching ZZZ's

Employers are aware of what a good night’s rest can do for an employee – and aware of how a poor night’s rest can affect morale and productivity. The CDC recommends adults need 7-8 hours of sleep per day, but over 30% of American adults are only sleeping 6 hours or less a day. Employers can encourage proper sleep habits by offering rewards to employees who keep a sleep log or track their behaviors with wearable devices and reach certain goals.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has taken off in the past couple of years and employees are able to track everything from the number of steps they take each day to their sleep habits and calories burned. Many corporate wellness programs incorporate these trackable devices into challenges to encourage their employees to join challenges in which they can engage in friendly competition.

Wellbeing Goes Beyond Physical Health

A healthy individual has traditionally been somebody who doesn’t experience any physical health issues, but employers are increasingly making an effort to encompass total wellbeing into the wellness picture, with an added focus on emotional wellbeing. With tools for financial wellness to ease employee’s stress with budgeting and spending habits to yoga programs that help increase the mind-body connection, more and more programs will become available to make employees happy and keep them stress-free.

Healthier Eating

In the fast-paced business environment, employees can find themselves eating out far too often. Eating out on a daily basis is not only costly, but makes it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Corporate food programs are available to provide healthy choices to employees through food delivery systems that are perfectly portioned and calorie controlled. We expect these programs to continue to roll out and pick up steam throughout 2017.


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