3 Workplace Wellness Resolutions For The New Year

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Back to work everybody! The holiday season has passed once again and its time to make next year better than ever before. New Year’s resolutions are common amongst friends and employees/coworkers, but sticking with them throughout the course of the entire year has proven to be quite difficult.  Here are a few workplace wellness ideas and suggestions for keeping the motivation up with healthy resolutions in 2017.

1. Educate

Informing your employees about voluntary wellness benefits can go a long way towards initiating a healthier office culture. If employees are not aware of your offerings or not fully educated on how they work and their benefits, they are much less likely to participate in these initiatives. Some common benefits that you can highlight are:

Health Savings Accounts (HSA):  An HSA may not be right for everybody, but can help employees with financial wellness through their tax saving advantages.

Prevention and Screenings: Help employees identify which services are preventive and included in their coverage along with the benefits of these regular health exams. Biometric screenings are a great way to get a general assessment of your health and set personalized goals to stay within typical limits for your height, weight, and age.

2. Encourage Healthy Habits

Create a work culture that encourages healthier choices and makes these choices easily accessible to its employees.

Nutrition – Take out that old vending machine full of chips, crackers, and cookies and replace it with healthier snacks. Provide snacks like fruits, vegetables, and nuts for those employees looking to get a midday snack in.

Be Active- There are plenty of simple things around the office that can be done to stay active throughout the workday and improve your overall health. Encourage employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator, get up and go talk to a coworker rather than calling them, or go for a brisk walk during your lunch break. Have management lead the way in these initiatives, and the rest will be more likely to follow.

Sleep – Consider some flexibility in work hours to help encourage that your employees are getting enough sleep. Some may want to come in and work a little later and leave later to catch up on their sleep whereas other may want to come in earlier. If you don’t need these employees in the office during specific times, consider some flexibility to help them balance their work/life schedules.

3. Set Small Goals/Challenges

Friendly competition among your employees can help them aim towards healthier goals. Get your employees competitive juices flowing by having challenges like who can get the most steps in a month or eat the healthiest and provide rewards to the winners. You can do individual competitions or in between departments to increase collaboration.