Employee Recognition Tips to Boost Morale

Road to success

Employee wellness isn’t always about physical fitness. Mental wellbeing can be a big contributing factor towards overall wellness and employee productivity can suffer when employees are tired, depressed, and burned out. A good way to keep the positive vibes up around the office and create a happy and pleasant work environment is to provide workers with the kind of appreciation they want to see. Below are some employee recognition tips that can help boost morale around the office:

Team Appreciation – We all know the phrase; teamwork makes the dream work! Many accomplishments are the result of a group effort rather than a single, individual effort. Celebrate the team’s accomplishments with a lunch or an outing that could further build on the team chemistry.

Give Feedback – It can be difficult for employees to retain their motivation when they never hear back from their managers or leaders on assignments or projects. Simply providing instant feedback can give workers that extra sense of appreciation and increase their confidence for work moving forward.

Time Off –  This is an important recognition reward that can help relax your employees after the completion of a big project. The everyday stresses of the office can build up and sometimes it’s good for your health to just take a break. Unfortunately, many times employees are hesitant to take time off because they think it might reflect poorly on them. Show appreciation by offering an extra day off or even a half day off.

Hold an Event – Hold events throughout the year to show your team how much they mean to you. This is also another good opportunity to bring everybody together in an environment outside the workplace and can help increase overall collaboration. Try an event like a BBQ, happy hour, or bowling!


A happy employee is more likely to lead to a productive employee. As an employer, take the time to show appreciation to your employees with these simple tips. Employees are far too often stressed out at the office, and a little employee recognition can go a long way. Showing your employees that you care and are proud of their accomplishments can help ease their worries and spark motivation.