Trick or Treat – The Way to a Healthy Halloween


As we all know, Halloween can be a fun, but very scary time. Ghosts, witches, skeletons, scary costumes, and the biggest scare of all – your diet!  So, this Halloween, don’t get tricked into eating all of the wrong treats. You can have a safe, fun, and healthy outing by taking the proper steps to prepare for one of the scariest diet days of the year.

Avoid the go big or go home mentality

We all know the phrase, go big or go home! However, this should not be the mentality you have when indulging in treats this Halloween. Go for the fun size or mini bars to help limit your intake of sweets. Smaller pieces of candy will allow you to be more selective and try a larger variety of candy while limiting your intake.

Eat healthy during the day

Have a healthy meal before going out and trick or treating for the night. This will help you and your children from feeling hungry throughout the journey and prevent you from snacking on more candy than you otherwise would have on an empty stomach.

Take the opportunity to walk

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get some extra steps in with long walks around the neighborhood. Don’t settle for going to just the next door neighbor’s houses. Instead, walk around and take in all of the funky costumes and cool decorations from around the block. This is a good way to get in a long, healthy walk with your children with a fun twist.

Buy your candy the day of

We all know how hard it can be to not eat that candy when it’s within arm’s reach! While buying candy early on will help you prepare for the big day, it will make it that much more difficult not to sneak into those goodies. Buy your candy the day of Halloween to help avoid munching on sweets all week long.

While Halloween is associated almost as heavily on candy and sweets as scary themes and costumes, taking a few simple steps can keep your wellness in check during the holiday. At WeAreWellness, we want to wish everybody a happy and healthy Halloween!