Ideas for Your Next Wellness Fair

A successful apples-490474_1920wellness plan doesn’t happen overnight, but rather takes proper planning and promotion to educate and engage employees towards a behavioral change of a healthier lifestyle. Corporate health fairs are a perfect way to get employees interested and excited about health initiatives. The activities in a wellness fair can vary, but ultimately the goal should be to provide valuable information in a fun, yet informative manner. So, what are some activities you can do at your next event? Consider the following:

Bicycle Safety

A good event for all ages. Riding bicycles is a great way to exercise, but it is important to know the safety protocols of the road along with appropriate hand signals to stay safe. Set up age-appropriate courses and demonstrate proper hand signals, while requiring everyone to wear a helmet through each course. Award prizes to those who have completed the course while following all the safety protocols.

First Aid and CPR

Have a local paramedic come in to demonstrate some of the basics of CPR and give tips on first aid necessities. It is also a good idea to offer CPR training for certification to your employees down the line as this can help ease a potentially life threatening situation and save a life in the event of an emergency.


Have an area employees can go to for tips on how to eat well and provide resources for healthy eating and healthy recipes. Give away healthy snacks like apples and oranges or granola bars to encourage people to come to the booth and listen in on the benefits of healthy eating.

Physical Fitness

Get a fitness expert to come in and provide demonstrations on simple exercises that employees can conduct in their free time. There are popular exercises that can be done in 5 to 10 minute workouts to help get people up and moving and commit towards a healthier lifestyle.

Other good ideas for corporate wellness fairs include tobacco cessation, stress management, alcohol use and prevention, breast self-exams, and much more. Ultimately these activities can help present valuable wellness information to employees in an engaging way that helps them understand the importance of living healthier lives. We’d love to help provide you with more ideas or set up your next health fair so feel free to Contact Us!