3 Wellness Challenges to Increase Employee Engagement

Encouraging employees to engage in workplace wellness solutions can have a major impact on employee morale, employee productivity, and result in a reduction of healthcare costs for the employer. More and more companies are beginning to offer wellness programs to their employees, but many of their employees are not aware of these wellness initiatives, leading to low participation and engagement rates. As an employer, offering weekly or monthly wellness challenges to your employees combined with an incentive to participate such, as discounts off health premiums or cash rewards to the winner can be a great way of increasing employee engagement across the organization, and ultimately lead to healthier, happier employees! So how can you get employees to engage?

Physical Wellness Challenge:

Step challenges monitored by fitness trackers are a great way to get employees engaged in friendly and healthy competition. 10,000 steps is generally the goal to shoot for, but the more the better! This challenge will get employees up and moving whether it be getting more steps in at work or making an active effort to get more steps in before/after work. Sitting at the office all day can be draining, so this physical challenge can help spark some movement as employees aim to top both their personal step goals along with those of their coworkers.

Nutrition Wellness Challenge:

Many employees who are feeling overwhelmed at work can ignore the foods they are eating and settle for a quick option like a fast food burger and fries… with a soda. Poor eating habits are strongly correlated to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, so eating healthy at the office can be a great start towards a healthier lifestyle. Encourage employees to pack lunch every day for a month. Come up with a point system to incentivize employees like giving out extra points for consecutive days with a packed lunch (including items like fruits, veggies, salads) or voting on who packed the healthiest lunch of the day for bonus points!

Mental Health Challenge

Consider hosting yoga classes once a week and encourage your employees to attend. For example, allowing employees to check out of work a half hour early on a Friday to participate in the yoga program can boost engagement rates significantly. Yoga can be a fun and healthy way for employees to take their mind off of work at the end of the week and spark conversation amongst coworkers. Additionally, you can send out quick meditation tips through email. A sample tip could be something like relaxing your body by taking 30 seconds to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths every hour. Participation can be tracked to provide incentives to employees.

All in all, when employees are more engaged in their workplace wellness programs, everyone wins! Happier employees equates to a happier employer and a greater bottom line. Studies have shown that wellness programs result in healthier employees who will miss less days of work (reduced sick days), greater productivity, and increased morale. If you’d like a free consultation on how a wellness program could impact your company, Contact Us!