3 Reasons You Need A Flu Shot Vaccination

The flu can be a nightmare and spread easily among friends and family or coworkers. While taking certain precautions like washing our hands often, sneezing properly to reduce germs, and cleaning our homes or workspaces are all beneficial towards reducing our chances of contracting the contagious disease, flu vaccinations provide the most effective protection.

1. Nasal Flu Spray is Ineffective

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated the FluMist spray is ineffective and has recommended getting the flu shot instead. The nasal spray’s protection rate through the 2015-16 flu season was only at about 3 %. The previous two flu seasons were also very low. While many people preferred the flu spray to the needles more commonly used in flu vaccinations, particularly in young children, the spray has proven to be ineffective, and vaccine makers are working to ensure enough of the flu vaccine is available to meet the demand in the upcoming season. One of the biggest concerns swaying consumers away from the traditional needle has been fear of needles or the pain associated with the vaccination, but it is important to note that current technology in syringes has allowed using very thin needles for a pain-free vaccination experience.

2. Flu Vaccinations During Pregnancy Protect the Baby Too

Pregnant women are highly encouraged to get flu vaccinations because of benefits not only for the mother, but extending to the baby as well. In a decade long study published in the journal Pediatrics, unvaccinated women were 70% more likely to have a laboratory-confirmed case of the flue, and 81% more likely to be hospitalized for the flu before six months. Additionally, infants born to women reporting flu vaccination during pregnancy had risk reductions of up to 70% for the flu.

3. Protect Others from the Flu

While receiving a flu vaccination does not guarantee you complete protection from the flu, more people getting vaccinations will help minimize the contamination. For example, if nobody gets immunized, then the disease will easily spread throughout the population. If only some of the population gets immunized, then the disease will spread throughout some of the population. However, if most of the population receives a flu vaccination and is immunized, then the contagious disease is not going to spread as easily and therefore, will be contained. By receiving a flu vaccination, not only will you greatly reduce your chances of getting the flu, but you will help contain the disease throughout society as well.

Onsite vaccinations are now available to get flu vaccinations quickly and easily. To learn more or get a quote, contact one of our experienced staff today.