It’s Time To Think About Flu Season Again…

Making the decision to hold an onsite flu vaccination can save your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity, paid sick time, direct costs for hospitalization and outpatient visits for adults. Preventing the start and spread of the flu in the workplace is done most efficiently by offering a flu vaccination. In addition, allowing employees to participate in an onsite flu vaccination means less time lost in obtaining flu shots and higher participation rates.

Studies show that the average work station has 400% more germs than the average toilet seat. Most office telephones, keyboards and other commonly used office equipment is rarely cleaned on a weekly basis, making this a breeding ground for the flu. Even if an employee doesn’t contract the flu, he or she may bring the virus home to their family. Taking care of a family member is the number two reason why a person might miss work. Onsite flu vaccinations can take care of the problem at the source.

Not sure how an onsite flu vaccination works? In most cases, you start by obtaining a quote from a selection of onsite flu vaccination vendors. Health insurance and wellness brokers usually have established relationships with a few flu vaccination vendors to garner preferred pricing. For example, we are premier partners of Occuvax and offer preferred pricing if you choose their service. Once you’ve chosen the onsite vendor you’d like to use, they take care of the rest. Typical flu vaccination vendors offer dedicated account managers, options for multiple locations, nursing personal, set up and clean up services and the marketing material needed to promote being vaccinated.

If you’re interested in learning more about onsite flu vaccinations or obtaining a quote, contact one of our experienced staff today.