Corporate Wellness Plan Evaluation Survey And Guide

What’s the point in having a corporate wellness plan if it’s not working? Evaluating your wellness program every six months is important in achieving your wellness goals and ensuring that you are seeing engagement from your employees. There are several types of evaluation tools and metrics that you can use to measure your wellness plan’s effectiveness from participation levels to changes in employee comprehension. We can provide you access to a corporate wellness evaluation survey and guide that you may find helpful. In the meantime, here are five metrics you may find useful:

Registrations – Look at the number of employees who have signed into the wellness plan’s technology platform. You’ll know right away if only 10% of your workforce has registered that only 10% are actually attempting to utilize the wellness program.

Quiz Employee Knowledge on Specific Topics – Start by having participating employees take a baseline quiz about health and nutrition or any other topic your corporate wellness program is trying to improve upon. After three months, have employees take the same quiz and measure the difference in scores. If the scores have improved, your wellness plan is working!

Use Health Risk Assessments and Track them Over Time – The very baseline of every wellness program is the Health Risk Assessment. It measures key health indicators and risk factors. As your wellness program develops and these assessments are taken each year, you will be able to identify improvements.

Utilize Vending Machine Sales Information – If you’ve recently changed out your vending machine options for healthier offerings, check to see what sales are doing. If sales are up, then that part of your wellness plan is succeeding.

Compare Health Care Claims Information Over Time – Tracking measures such as preventative care utilization are indications that your corporate wellness plan is working. Since many wellness plans are rooted in preventative care and health risk, these types of claims should be going up if your corporate wellness plan is working.

We have found that there are plenty of other measures you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your corporate wellness plan. We can provide access to a quick guide that puts all of this information together and explains exactly how you should use it. In addition, we can provide access to an employee evaluation form template for you to use when surveying employees about your corporate wellness plan.

If you would like access to either the corporate wellness employee evaluation form or evaluation guide, please click here.