A Non-step Based Wellness Challenge…

Are you looking for a wellness challenge that isn’t centered on steps? We know wellness challenges spike engagement with your wellness plan, but it might be time to spice things up a bit from the regular old 5K run or step challenge. With so much emphasis on physical activity, your employees might be missing out on the diet and nutrition side of wellness. Sure it’s easy to say “eat healthy”, but for some that statement may be confusing, or worse, thought to be understood without any real understanding.

Your wellness plan technology may come preloaded with information on nutrition and diet guides, but in actuality your employees are probably not accessing or reading through that information. We’ve learned that challenges are where the real engagement and learning happens. Here’s an idea for a non-step wellness challenge you can easily implement anytime of the year:

The Well Recipe Wellness Challenge

The goal of this wellness challenge is to have employees explore how they can apply healthy nutrition and diet to their favorite foods.

Week 1:

Start by asking employees to submit their favorite recipe for their favorite food. Advertise the wellness challenge with a poster in the breakroom and an email out to employees.

Week 2:

Once you receive the submissions, ask employees to now calculate the fat, carbohydrate, protein, calorie, sugar and sodium information for their recipe. They can base these calculations off of the measurements in the recipe and nutrition information found online. The nutrition information should be submitted as a baseline.

Week 3:

Encourage employees to research alternative ingredients and cooking methods to improve the nutrition value of their favorite recipe.

Week 4:

Ask employees to resubmit their new, healthy version of the original recipe complete with new nutrition information. The recipe with the most improvement, wins! Winners could be rewarded with gift cards to the local grocery store or farmers market. You could also take this wellness challenge a step further by asking employees to bring in their healthy dish for a “potluck”. Depending on how many employees you have this may be easily achievable.

The Well Recipe Wellness Challenge can be held at any time during the year, but could be tied into the holiday season as well. The goal is to get employees involved in the wellness challenge without asking them to participate in yet another step challenge of 5K run. The information they learn along the way about nutrition will stick with them every time they make that recipe, having a solid positive effect on the way employees think about diet.