Stick To Your Wellness Plan This Valentine’s Day… With Chocolate!

Worried about sticking to your wellness plan this Valentine’s Day? Traditional gifts have been overrun with sweet treats since this holiday began being celebrated. This year there’s some good news for you and your wellness plan goals – studies show chocolate is good for you!

Let’s be honest, you can’t gobble down a giant heart shaped box filled with chocolates, but in moderation, you can make wellness and chocolate the perfect union. It has been proven that chocolate decreases the risk of stroke due to the high level of flavonoids (high in antioxidants) that are found in this delicious dessert food. The same flavonoids that are working to decrease your risk of stroke are working to help protect women’s skin from UV rays. Working flavonoids into your diet by eating chocolate can actually move you closer to achieving your wellness plan goals.

Chocolate has also been linked to cancer prevention. That’s one heck of a wellness plan incentive! Pentamer, a compound in cocoa, is known to disrupt the spread of cancer cells. You can easily find cocoa powder in any major grocery store and use it to spruce up your Valentine’s Day dinner or dessert. Instead of buying your Valentine’s gift, consider baking up some cocoa powder rich treats for your honey. He or she will appreciate the extra effort and their body will appreciate the positive health effects!

All in all, chocolate can fit in with your wellness plan goals. Eating chocolate, paired with other activities in your wellness plan can have a positive impact on your overall health and wellness. Feel free to indulge this Valentine’s Day – and throughout the year!