Financial Wellness Plans Are Here To Stay!

financialwellnesEmployers have found a new trend in employee wellness – employees with money troubles are less effective, less focused and less likely to perform at their fullest potential. Faison Group has teamed with GreenShield to offer this corporate wellness program to our clients. Helping balance savings and real life expenditures, GreenShield offers all of the education and tools to put your employees on the right track financially.

With unique features such as automatic savings plans, GreenShield is making strides in helping employees hit their emergency savings goals and debt reduction goals. The idea is that an employee chooses a savings level that is set in the beginning of the program and run automatically in the background until the goal is achieved. With GreenShield’s program, the employee can forget that they are saving altogether since the money is transferred as paychecks accumulate over time.

Financial wellness has made a huge impact on how employers view wellness. It’s not just about the physical and mental aspects of being well – it’s about day-to-day life and improving the entire picture. As the old saying goes, happy employees are productive employees.