Don’t Leave Wellness Plans Out Of Your New Year’s Resolutions

newyearsblogAs an employer, you have a great deal of influence on your employees and their habits through your wellness plan. For example, what if you installed a gym in your office building? No doubt many of your employees would start going to the gym when they hadn’t previously. Likewise, if you offered a healthy meal plan to your employees, you could have a great deal of influence on diet choices and nutrition. But what if your wellness program has lost the initial spark it had when it was introduced? This year, don’t leave your wellness plan out of your New Year’s Resolutions. Come up with a few wellness program resolutions to capitalize on previous successes and minimize future failures.

Resolve to promote wellness all year long

For some corporate wellness plans, the beginning of the year is filled with big plans and goals that soon get lost in the everyday shuffle. If your company has a hard time keeping the momentum going all year long, come up with a campaign calendar for your wellness promotions. The calendar can include newsletter topics, distribution dates, meeting dates and goals. Every month take a look at the calendar and move forward from there.

Resolve to lead by example

If your company caters meetings or has a cafeteria in the building, take a look at what they are serving. If pastries and bagels are on the menu for breakfast meetings, choose healthier options such as yogurt or fruit. If your cafeteria has a soda machine, consider providing only 8oz cups or taking it out altogether. Evaluating exactly what type of example you are setting nutritionally for your employees is an important step in the right direction. Part of the success of promoting your wellness plan is to refrain from contradicting the messages and education you are providing your employees throughout the year.

Resolve to capitalize on existing resolutions

As the year changes, many of your employees will make resolutions that include changing eating habits and exercising more. Wellness plans only make those resolutions easier to achieve and maintain. Try building on those resolutions by challenging your employees to do more each month of the year. IF the budget allows, you may even consider a year-long challenge that is backed by a really convincing reward structure.