10 Tips For A Successful Wellness Plan In 2016

In 2016, corporate wellness programming is more important than ever in shaping the lives of employees. Here are some tips on making sure your programs are a success!

  1. Health Risk Assessments are essential – this questionnaire is viable to provide a baseline for change.
  2. Use several types of communication methods – people learn in different ways, make sure to include several ways for your employees to digest wellness plan information.
  3. Offer challenges and programs that have a short term time frames – people have a tendency to lose interest pretty quickly these days, make sure you offer both short and long term benefits in your wellness program planning.
  4. Offer incentives – if you don’t have a budget and cannot offer traditional incentives, consider flex time options or work from home benefits.
  5. Incorporate mental health – many skip over the fact that stress causes the body physical injury, make sure your employees are taking care of their minds as well by offering EAP benefits.
  6. Don’t ignore the “healthy” employees – even if behavior change isn’t the goal, the healthy population of employees are just as important as those needing more attention. Get them on board with rewards for participating, not necessarily changing habits.
  7. Address alcohol use – many think that to be truly healthy, you have to give up alcohol cold turkey. Suggest ways for employees to cut back rather than cut alcohol out for a better success rate.
  8. Renew programs yearly – don’t offer the same old challenges as last year, freshen up your wellness programming to keep employees engaged and interested.
  9. Promote and then promote some more – on average it takes someone four times to hear, see, or read something that they will actually retain when they believe it to be an advertisement. Make sure your promotions are plentiful, otherwise expect a low rate of success.
  10. Evaluate and make changes – use the insight from past successes and failures to make changes for the better.