Why You Should Use A Wellness Consultant

It may seem easy enough to go out and research each of the wellness companies offering corporate wellness programs or single events such as flu shots or corporate runs. Getting the entire picture with all of your wellness program options is important in making this big decision for your company. It’s also important to recognize that when you simply search online for wellness vendors, the information you are receiving is highly dependent on each wellness company’s ability to compete in online search. The best program for your company may not pop up in your search because the vendor chooses not spend large amounts on online advertising.

With a wellness consultant, you’ll not only be able to make sure you are seeing ALL of your options, but you’ll also gain a third party perspective that can help guide you in the right direction. A good wellness consultant will listen to your company’s wants and goals, understand your budget constraints, get to know your company culture, and recommend the right fit based on what’s available in the wellness market. They should never charge for this service, they are being compensated by the vendors that they work with.

A wellness consultant can also help you achieve preferred pricing from wellness vendors through contracts they have negotiated. Some wellness vendors may even offer you a chance to sample their program, offering a light version of their platform or a test account for a few employees to try out. Once you get an idea of the wellness vendors you’d like to evaluate, your wellness consultant can help set up demonstrations and evaluate what each program has to offer alongside you. With inside knowledge of the wellness space, a wellness consultant can make valuable suggestions and provide advice on choosing the program that is right for your company.

Once you’ve selected a corporate wellness program, a wellness consultant can help you make the most of that program by offering engagement tips and tools. After all, the point of offering these programs to your employees is to gain participation and promote behavior changes that increase employee health and wellness.

Overall, seeking the help of a wellness consultant can definitely help your corporate wellness program become a success.